Who Is Responsible for Obtaining Construction Permits?

Why Using Local Construction Contractors Is the Best Way to Go?

A construction permit is a document which authorizes either local construction contractors, home or business owners to perform a building project. This can be issued either by the state, city, or local authority. These permits can apply to both new construction or remodeling work. Municipalities which require building permits will require these permits for residential and commercial construction work.

We will restore your property.Even though the exact requirements do vary from place to place, the majority of the big building projects will require either the owner or builder to get a permit. For instance, a contractor looking to build a school or office building must have a permit, as will anyone looking to build a new house. Most cities will require permits also for interior or exterior renovations, like adding a bedroom or constructing a deck. Small fences and basic interior work usually do not need building permits.

In addition to a construction permit, most cities will also require contractors to have a separate special permit. For example, an electrician or plumber will need to apply for an electrical and plumbing permit. The same can be said for heating and cooling professionals and sprinkler contractors.

In order to get a construction permit, either a homeowner or contractor will need to contact their local permit office. Once there, an application will have to be filled out and will need a payment. With bigger projects, the office could ask to see the building plans that outline the project. Some projects could require a review by either planning or zoning commissions before any permit is given. Once the building inspections are done, the permit office will issue a certificate of occupancy, which means the building is now safe to be used.

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