The Many Benefits of Building with SIPs

Why You Should Hire a Construction Company That Uses SIP Technology for Your Building Project?

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) have been around for many years, but only recently people have started to discover their advantages. One of the main reasons SIPs are not as popular as they should be is because many people confuse them with prefab or modular building panels which are cheap products with limited design styles, life expectancy, and structural flexibility. But, structural insulated panels have nothing to do with modular building or prefab products. Here are some of the many benefits you get if you hire a construction company that specializes in SIP building.

Design benefits:

  • The construction process can take place on a dry clean site.
  • Building with SIPs is faster and much easier than with other building products.
  • The building time can be reduced by up to 50% thanks to pre-designed panels.
  • Improved insulation can reduce energy costs by up to 55%.
  • Since the roof does not require trusses, you can get up to 25% more floor space in the attic.

Structural advantages:

  • Since panels weigh around 3 pounds per square foot, they are very easy to handle.
  • The strength of the building becomes apparent once all the panels are securely fastened. By joining all panels together, the monolithic shell of the construction becomes complete. As a result, SIP construction is six times stronger than timber frame construction.
  • Thanks to the carefully engineered interlocking systems, the panels form a airtight construction which does not allow any damp, water, or mold penetration.
  • All panels have a polyurethane inner core which does not deteriorate over time. This core also has incredible insulation properties.
  • As for exterior finishes, you have numerous options, including traditional cavity, brick slips, timber cladding, etc.

If you want to get all these benefits, then you need to hire a construction company that specializes in building with SIPs. Bloomquist Construction Inc is one of the most reliable construction companies in Redwood City, CA. We have many years of experience in the business and numerous satisfied clients. Call us at (650) 248-1183 for references.

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