Need Your New House Slightly Elevated Due to Flooding?

In Home Construction What Is a Raised Foundation?

A home construction raised foundation is the main floor of a building or structure which is raised above the surrounding earth. In addition with the concrete foundation, a raised one can be found in most homes within the industrialized world. They do provide numerous benefits; however, they come with their own disadvantages.

Various things could be used to lift the foundation above ground. Such as concrete blocks or poured concrete are usually used to raise a foundation. Some around the exterior of a home, the perimeters of the support are made from brick, concrete, or another durable material. Once pylons are placed, the next step will be to bridge them using another material, normally wood.

Some say the aesthetics of a raised home are much superior than slab houses. Within a neighbourhood of slab houses, a raised foundation will stand out like a beacon, and is usually taller than most of the houses surrounding it. However, when it comes to aesthetics, this is more a personal preference than an actual fact.

Despite this, there are some benefits to raised foundations. For instance, there will be less of a need for levelling and grading should a house have this type of foundation. And, in a flood prone region, there is additional protection against water levels.

Another advantage comes when the homeowener needs to work beneath their house. Gaining access to plumbing or other parts of the house is much easier with a house that has raised foundations. Plus, this also allows a home construction to be carried out for a basement installation.

But, numerous disadvantages are associated with raised foundations. The maintenance on them is more than it would be for concrete slab homes. Plus, the crawl space provides excellent living spaces for undesirable critters. Even though there are several ways to prevent such animals from entering, it will always be a constant battle.

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