How to Ensure Proof Your Contractor Has Been Paid in Full?

What Is a Construction Contractor Lien Release?

A construction contractor lien release is a legal document, with which a contractor that has done work on a property and shows they have been fully paid, including any or all materials they supplied. It releases the contractor from their job and restores a clear title to a home owner. The document will be dated and signed by a contractor in front of a notary public.

When the contractor is not paid for their services, they will have the legal right to place a lien on a homeowner’s property. The lien rules will also apply to any subcontractors that are brought in to work by the main contractor. With situations where a contractor takes payment, and doesn’t pay their subcontractors, they will be able to put a construction lien against a property until they are paid.

Instead of having to deal with everything which is involved when obtaining a construction lien release signed, a property owner will be better off by making sure all contractors and any subcontractors are paid. The owner can ask the main contractor to get a signed lien release from their subcontractors, before giving any payments for the job.

Another way which works when a property owner wants to avoid getting a construction lien release, is to make every check payable to their main contractor, in addition to their subcontractors too. The check will only be able to be cashed when all payees endorse it. The main contractor is able to pay their subcontractors, and the homeowner will be protected from any liens getting filed due to non-payment.

Getting a written contract gives the contractor and subcontractors recourse, instead of placing a lien against a property. If any breach of contract happens, they will be able to seek recourse via the courts, in order to recover any monies which are owed to them. It’s an excellent idea for the property owner to get their attorney to prepare a contract or read it to ensure their clients’ interests are fully protected.

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