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You want to do some construction project and you need professional help for? Construction is a multifaceted process requiring a solid background in several areas including technology, civil engineering, construction management, or building science. The tasks involved are also quite numerous, from  managing construction supplies to cementing walls and floors. A well-trained home construction contractor for the task is necessary to make certain the professional results and desired goals are achieved. In Redwood City CA, you can only be 100% sure your project is in good hands when you work with Bloomquist Construction Inc. From  SIP builder to construction contracting, trust us!

Trust our local construction contractors in Redwood City, CA and have the dream house

A crew of professional and reliable general contractorsExpanding workforce or building a house is not a job for average people. We don’t live in the stone age where all you need are a couple of friends and some improvised tools to build a structure that you can call your professional firm or a humble home. A crew of professional and reliable custom home builders with the right machinery and equipment, passion and prowess are the only ones who can really build homes or other buildings with the finest value possible. We are that team. Bloomquist Construction Inc has experience in preparing and planning scrupulously to guarantee superb results.

From  building decks and patios, expanding small businesses, or renovating household kitchen and bathrooms areas, we at Bloomquist Construction Inc are specialists in general contracting projects. We offer the lowest prices possible for the most precise and fastest turnarounds. Price is something we revolve our company in. We understand that with the economic situations today it have made it a struggle for capital-limited business owners and low and mid income families. We strive to bring the most attractive and inexpensive rates possible to give clients access to professional services they deserve without the professional costs that could dent their savings and wallets.

Another important elements we treat as a foremost concern is our promptness and speed. We never keep customers waiting. One ring at (650) 248-1183 and an inspection crew is immediately dispatched in the area you want to start the project. During the construction work itself, our scrupulous preparation and planning helps us perform precisely and smoothly without any miscalculations and errors. Another important factor of a successful construction project is the safety of the working field. Our team of specialists are certified, well-trained and skilled to perform the job in a timely and safe approach. Give us a call today at (650) 248-1183!



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Home Builders from  our company are outstandingA good option may be to have your dream home built from  scratch. Instead of, pre-building your old home. At Bloomquist Construction Inc, we specialize in home builder and home remodeling and have diligently served the Redwood City CA area for 12 years. Whether you need a brand new home build or a few home remodeling service on your current home done, we can take care of it all.

Once we know what is your budget and what you want, we can begin the process of home remodeling service. One of our skillful teams of home construction contractors will arrive at the chosen area for your new home and will begin laying the foundation. The type of foundation used will depend on some environmental factors like the trees, soil and some other, that we will discuss with you prior to the beginning of our work. Typically, a strip foundation is utilized with 12 inch by six inch footings. For more complicated jobs, pile or raft foundations may be used.

The house really begins to take shape after the foundation is complete, after that the framing begins. During this time, both the exterior and interior stud walls will be built, the floor joists installed, and finally the home builders will set the roof trusses. From here, plywood will be used to cover the exterior of the home and roof trusses. Windows and doors will be installed, while the shingles are being placed on the roof. From here, all that is left is installing the more mechanical components of the home along with a few finishing touches. Of, course our construction workers, at Bloomquist Construction Inc can do that as well, no matter how much time and effort it will take them to reach your project.

Our mechanical subcontractors will largely take over from  that point on. They will put in the drainpipes as well as the water line. Specialized electricians will hook up all of the wiring in order to get the power up and running. From here the drywall hung and the insulation will be placed. Finishing the home, a flooring contractor will install beautiful floors while the appliances installed, cabinets are built, and walls are painted. From a head to toe Bloomquist Construction Inc will handle all the work you need done to build your dream home in Redwood City CA.

As you can see, home building is a lengthy process and can lead to many difficult decisions. Let our construction company help you build the dream home, designing a project plan that will fit your budget and busy schedule. Contact Bloomquist Construction Inc in Redwood City CA at (650) 248-1183 today and learn more about the home construction services we can offer you!

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